Parking Spotter, the winner of Milestone Community Kickstarter Contest 2017, presents its first success story.

Parking Spotter Software is presenting its first success story with the implementation of its solution in Brasov, Romania. The solution has been implemented on the parking premises of Carrefour Romania. We are talking about more than 70 parking spots configured using one camera.



          Carrefour is the second retailer in the world, with more than 10.000 shops in the world and 318 in Romania (hypermarkets, supermarkets, proximity stores and 1 online store). Each day, Carrefour Group is welcoming more than 10 millions customers all over the world. Most of their parking lots are outside and they are very large. Parking Spotter is the solution to manage the availability of the parking spots.


            Parking Spotter presented an innovative video analytic solution, based an Artificial Intelligence algorithms, that will helps end users to find the closest available parking spot and parking owners to improve operational flows, All this by analyzing the video images from all the cameras installed inside the parking lot (new or existing ones).


               For Carrefour Brasov Pilot Project, Parking Spotter solution was configured to analyze images from one security camera and we delivered very good recognition of more than 70 parking spots.

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